Private Group Guidelines

We have a great closed group on Facebook! If you’d like to join our group and receive wonderful mother-to-mother support, here’s how!

1) Read the group description and guidelines below. You do not have to agree to every point, but you do need to agree to abide by them in your group posts and comments, as these are what guide our admins and direct how we moderate the group.

2) If, after reading the group description and guidelines, you feel like it’s a good fit and want to join, you can find our group here:

3) If you don’t already have friends in the group, send a brief intro to Christy or one of the other admins on Facebook so that we know your interest in the group, or PM one of the other admins. We get somewhere around 15 requests to join each day, many of them from spammers and random twin parents who don’t even know our focus, so it’s important to PM us if you want to get in!

4) An admin will need to approve your request to join the group. Within a couple of days of joining the group, please post an intro to the group intro thread. If you do not post an intro within a couple of days of joining, we’ll remove you from the group, but you’ll be welcome to rejoin once you’re ready to post an intro.

Sound easy enough? Awesome! If it sounds a little complicated, just remember we do that so that we can preserve a safe, welcoming, positive space for all our members. Once you’re in, you’ll be glad to know you’re in a protected space!

Without further ado, here are the guidelines!


The Naturally Parenting Twins (NPT) Facebook group is an extension of the NPT website (, which is an advocacy project started and maintained by a group of mothers who have known each other for years online and in person (the “core admins”). The web site (and its Facebook page) are primarily there for advocacy and information, & the Facebook group is for mother-to-mother support within the context of the following core principles:

Things we SUPPORT:
– *Natural, unhindered birth* with spontaneous labor, when possible.
– *Breastfeeding*, when possible, & factual breastfeeding support.
– *Attachment Parenting* (gentle discipline, nighttime parenting, babywearing)
– *Natural family living* (minimizing chemical and medication use when possible, maximizing time connecting with nature)

Things we *DO NOT* SUPPORT:
– *Cry-it-out* sleep training methods, including Ferber & Weissbluth, or any sleep training in which leaving the baby alone to cry is an intentional part of the method.
– *Spanking* & corporal punishment.

Things we *OPPOSE*:
– Routine infant *circumcision*. We believe that all people, male & female, deserve the right to bodily autonomy.

Things we ENCOURAGE:
– Making an informed, individual choice about *educational options*. This might be public, private, charter, or home schooling.
– Making an informed, individual choice about *vaccinations*. This might include using a selective &/or delayed vaccination schedule, or not vaccinating at all.
– Making informed, individual choices about *medical care*, to include consideration of alternative and herbal remedies when appropriate, instead of always assuming every ailment requires Western medicine.

Communication we love:
– Shares our own experiences & insights.
– Offers suggestions, such as “Have you thought about…” or “You might want to try…”

Communication we try to avoid:
– Tells other mothers what to do.

Topics we *AVOID*:
– *Abortion*.

If you don’t have twins, please like our page instead:

If you just found out it’s twins, read this first:

Once you join the group but before you post or comment, read through the following docs:

About this group
This has more detailed info about the topics above.

What do we mean by support?
This will tell you how to not get banned, & after reading through it, you might want to even watch for a week or two to get a feel for the group before jumping in. You may discover in that week or two that you’ve found your new home. You might also decide after a week or two that you’re now surrounded by nutballs and want out.

You’ll find lots of ideas here. As with anything, if you’re in doubt, ask a doctor, midwife, or IBCLC. This is not a substitute for medical advice!

DO NOT JOIN THIS PAGE JUST TO POST YOUR SPAM. WE BAN SPAMMERS, even if they’re mommy bloggers, parenting “experts,” have a super great fundraising cause, or have great natural parenting products!


Also, we are not a flea market. If you have items to sell, you may list them elsewhere, and we do have one thread specifically for posting links to your items for sale on eBay, Craigslist, DiaperSwappers, and The Babywearer. But you WILL be removed from the group if you post a FSOT ad or link to your business in the group.

Do not share screenshots or copy/pastes of posts and comments in our group. Likewise, do not share screenshots or copy/pastes from other groups into our group.

Members who are removed for an accidental violation of the guidelines can be added after re-reading the guidelines and chatting with an admin. Members who repeatedly violate the guidelines, or are verbally abusive to other members, will be banned.


Are you interested specifically in information and support for natural childbirth with twins and triplets, but not otherwise an attachment parent? There is also a lovely group on Facebook called “Birthing Multiples Naturally” that was started by moms who had vaginal childbirth with their triplets, and it supports all mothers of multiples hoping for a vaginal birth (medicated or unmedicated). Many of our NPT members are also in the group (one is an admin), and it is also a comfortable space for mothers planning natural births for whom NPT may not be the best fit! There is also a Tandem Babywearing group led by one of our members, as well!


We also have a separate secret group for mothers who are planning, have planned, and/or have planned a homebirth. If you are interested in joining that group, please let us know when you message Natparenting Twins!

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