Toddling into Chaos (Toddler Twins)


…or, alternatively, learning to enjoy cleaning the same things up over and over all day long!

After surviving those first few sleep-deprived, live-in-a-fog months of twin motherhood, I thought I had it together.  I was mastering the twin jedi arts of nursing two at once and wearing two babies at once, and was rebuilding my general mom ninja skills of easing teething discomforts, battling piles of diaper laundry, and getting babies to bed before 2:00 am.  I was beginning to feel like a human again, like I was a pro at twin motherhood, and like the world was mine to conquer!

And then it happened.  My little twin A, who just over a year ago had been a vernix-covered baby in my arms, took his first steps.  Within a week, my baby B, my tiny girl, took hers.

Since then, my entire family has learned to be extra watchful over my two little walkers.  We’ve found them emptying our refrigerator; we’ve since purchased and installed a handy-dandy fridge lock.  We’ve found them emptying cabinets under the sink; now my husband can barely get to the pots and pans without spending twenty minutes getting friendly with our cabinet latches.  They find the toilet to be fascinating fun; with our toilet lock now in place, the entire family is learning not to hold it until the last minute in order to allow time to fight with babyproofing gadgets.

And still, with as much babyproofing as we’ve done, we regularly find messes– toys dumped out, video racks emptied, books strewn in front of their empty shelves, and toilet paper unrolled from the bathroom to the front porch.  At least we won’t have to help visitors find the bathroom!

The truth of the matter is that some things have gotten much simpler since my babies have become mobile.  They are much easier to entertain, are able to move around on their own, exercise a bit of baby free will, and have begun to test out their independence.  They get a kick out of their newfound ability to walk, and will often giggle at themselves (or clap for each other) as they walk across the room.

And while I’ll be honest and admit that quite a few things have gotten more difficult, there is still great joy in seeing your babies– your little ones that you once held helpless in your arms– begin to grow into little children who can entertain themselves, better express their needs, and get from point A to point B of their own volition.  What culminates in releasing your young adult into the world, trusting that you’ve laid the foundation for lifetime success begins now, in these first few steps of exploration.

I couldn’t be more proud!

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