Cosleeping with Twins: My Journey 1

When, after a long period of thinking we were done having children, we decided to try to conceive our fourth child, my husband and I quickly upgraded from a full to a king sized bed.  After all, having coslept with all three of our older children had been a positive experience for us, and a sanity-saver for this breastfeeding mom!  Two months later, when we found out I was carrying twins, we began to second guess our plans.

After scouring the web for cosleepers and bassinets that might be suitable for twins, we decided to purchase a special pack-n-play with an attachable bassinet specifically designed for twins.  Sometime in the last month of my pregnancy, we set it up in our room right next to our bed.

After our babies were born, however, they made it known that they had other sleeping arrangements in mind.  No matter how gently I would try to place a baby into the bassinet the baby always woke up, and once awake, the baby always wanted to be close to me.  After all, 9 months is plenty of time to become accustomed to closeness!

So, reluctantly, we installed a snap-down guardrail on my side of the bed, and began to work on our cosleeping arrangements.

For the first several months, I would start out each night with both babies to my right, next to the guard rail, and my husband to my left.  Whichever baby woke up first would be moved to between me and my husband to nurse back to sleep.  From that point on, I could roll over to easily nurse whomever needed night nursing.  If both babies woke up at once, my husband would walk the one I wasn’t nursing until I was available.

Once the babies reached 6 months or so in age, we found that they often woke each other up in such close quarters.  So, we did something we had never done with most of our children– we set up a crib in our room.  Now, I put one baby to bed in our bed with us, and one to bed in the crib.  Once the baby in the crib wakes up for his or her first night-nursing, I bring the baby into the bed between me and my husband, from which point I can easily nurse either baby by turning over as needed.  We alternate who starts out in the crib each night, but every morning I wake up with two precious little angels snuggled up on either side of me!

And that’s just two of many different arrangements that can work for sharing sleep space with your little blessings!  Just keep an open mind, don’t be afraid to try something new, and find what works for you and your babies.


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One thought on “Cosleeping with Twins: My Journey

  • Tracy

    We’ve been doing a similar arrangement with our twins in our bed but I wind up nursing them most of the night. I feel like a human pacifier. They are 6 months. If anyone can tell me how to get past this I would greatly appreciate it. I feel like I’m constantly moving back and forth and at least once a night I have a hard time because they are both awake and wanting me. My husband helps but there has to be a way for us both to get better sleep.