Breastfeeding Twins: Overcoming Obstacles

I surveyed a group of breastfeeding moms of multiples to learn about the challenges they faced while nursing their twins and how they were able to overcome them. Here are some tips from this group of ‘been there, done that’ moms:




Okay, so I wrote out my birth story 2 days afterwards to share on some of my birth boards. I cleaned it up a bit and took out some of the more gory details so I could share it here. I figured that some of my online pals may be […]

The Natural Hospital Birth of Twin Girls

On June 6th, 2007 we found out we had been doubly blessed. My husband had to pour concrete that morning and wasn’t able to go with me to our 18 week ultrasound. It was too bad he missed it. I nearly fell off the table when Dr. L said, “Do […]


Leila & Sarah’s Birth Story Background info: First birth was in the hospital and augmented with Pitocin. I had PIH during the pregnancy and a few complications, but nothing too serious. Second birth was a planned homebirth but I risked out of the midwife’s care at 42 weeks and ended […]

Twins Born at Home in the Caul

On Saturday evening, June 21st, I got up from putting my son to bed and felt a rush of fluid (about 8:45 pm). I went to the bathroom and chalked it up to two babies squishing my bladder and went on with my evening. A while later, I took my […]

The Homebirth of My Twins

I woke up the morning following the Blessingway my friends had thrown for me around 6am as my husband was getting up to leave for work. He had tried to arrange a trade for that day since a few nights prior I really felt as though, had he been home, […]

Surprise Twins Born at Home

Jim and I discovered I was pregnant in early November. Though to be honest, due to certain signs we had guessed it even on the day that we conceived that perhaps I was fertile, and we hadn’t used prevention of any kind. So for the next two weeks I was […]

An Unintentional Unassisted Twin Homebirth

I held out for a homebirth until 34 weeks and after talking to the consultant and the community midwives, found little support and I felt that I would rather have a hospital birth on my terms with their support than risk having inexperienced midwives at home- as I’d probably end […]

Home Water Birth of Twins

I went into labor exactly on my due date! I was so proud to have made it 40 weeks with twins, especially because everyone kept telling me “twins always come early.” I got SO sick of hearing how my twins would come early, 36 weeks would be good enough, I […]

First Time Mom Gives Birth to Twins Naturally in a Hospital!

So this is how I created my first-time mother, drug-free vaginal twin birth. I guess it starts with my prenatals. I understand and even accept that twin births can simply go the wrong direction in a very short amount of time. Once I found out at 20 weeks I was […]