Healing from Traumatic Birth, part two

This post is a continuation of our series on Healing from Traumatic Birth. If you are recovering from a past traumatic birth experience, whether it was with your twins or another birth, you may want to begin the work of processing that experience and exploring how it impacted you. Following […]



Jen’s Pain-med-free Twin VBAC – Induction, TTTS/sIUGR 1

The story of my twin VBAC begins with the cesarean birth of my first son.  A cesarean, that I believe could have been avoided had I been better educated.  I assumed I would see an OB, go into labor, head to the hospital, and have the natural birth I wanted.  […]

Five Reasons NOT to Circumcise Your Son 2

1) It isn’t necessary. In spite of some recent medical claims that circumcision reduces the transmission of HIV/AIDS, this is simply not true. Circumcision research finding that HIV/AIDS transmission is reduced was conducted in third-world countries, with different cultural contexts from our own, and in which access to safe sex […]



Maddie’s Unmedicated Hospital Birth of Twins 2

Here’s the short story, all of which is awesome: I had a vaginal, drug-free, di-di, vertex-vertex twin delivery, in a delivery suite rather than an OR, and with intermittent rather than continuous fetal monitoring. I was 9 hours shy of 38 weeks, and the girls were both in the six […]

Hospital Lotus Style Birth of Twins — one in the birth pool!

I had just taken a pregnancy test and it showed negative. I asked my mom what could be wrong with me as I had to pee all the time! She looked me straight in the eye and said, “it is because you are pregnant with twins.” I assured her I […]



Hospital Birth with Twins!

This birth story first appeared on the Birth Without Fear Blog and is reposted here after the mother sent it to us! Enjoy!  Nothing about my pregnancy went according to plan. After nearly 13 years of marriage and completion of my clinical social work graduate program, we decided it was finally […]

Healing from Traumatic Birth, part one

You may be pregnant now and feeling a need to process past birth experiences or immediately postpartum and reeling from an unexpected and frightening birth. It could even be that you are approaching your birthing-day (even for the second, third, or eighth time), and are finding yourself more overwhelmed with […]


My Experience with Chronic TTTS

TTTS: My Experience with and Information on Chronic TTTS I found out I was carrying twins on the same day that my twins were diagnosed with chronic Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, on October 8 2002, almost six years ago. The internet was not the bastion of information that it is now […]



One Placenta, Two Placentas, Identical, Fraternal?

(Or… “How can I tell if my twins are identical or fraternal?”) There seems to be so much confusion over types of twins. Are they identical? Are they fraternal? Many parents of multiples are given incorrect information from their ultrasound technician or doctor, who often state that since their twins […]