Home Water Birth of Twins

I went into labor exactly on my due date! I was so proud to have made it 40 weeks with twins, especially because everyone kept telling me “twins always come early.” I got SO sick of hearing how my twins would come early, 36 weeks would be good enough, I was so huge didn’t I just want them out of me, etc. I also would get mad every time people told me my babies were going to be “so tiny.” Even though I was so thrilled to have made it to 40 weeks, I was also starting to get pretty discouraged. I was measuring 50 centimeters and whenever I went in public I had begun to avoid eye contact with people because I was so sick of the looks. I was both proud and embarrassed to be so huge.

Anyway, I asked my husband if we could go to the movies to help take my mind off things. So we dropped off our 2.5 year old son with his uncle and went to see Cheaper By the Dozen 2. My husband even let me get a drink and popcorn, which we never do because it is so expensive. Oh yeah, and we FINALLY got to use the Expectant Mother parking space, which just made my day because every time we had gone to the mall they were taken. I would be furious saying no one was as big and pregnant as me and they were probably tiny ladies 5 months along using my spot. Yes, pregnancy hormones! I actually enjoyed the movie and was really not all that uncomfortable but I was having lots of tightness and pressure, something that had been going on for weeks. We came home and I was still bored and restless, so we ordered some Chinese food. I think we just kind of sat around most of the day, and I went to bed early but could not sleep.

Around 7 pm I started feeling what I thought were contractions, but I was not sure. Around 9 pm I called my midwife and she showed up around 11 pm. I was 2 centimeters dilated and fully effaced but wasn’t having any super strong or regular contractions so she went home. With my first son’s labor my contractions never really got regular either. A few hours later I was still having contractions, but not really regular so I called my midwife. She came again and offered to stay with me. I desperately wanted to get into the birthing pool but my midwife said I needed to be 6 centimeters first so we didn’t slow down labor. Most of labor is kind of fuzzy now. I remember laying on my side on the couch, in the bed, squatting, getting in and out of the pool about 4 times. I loved being in the pool but I was getting my strongest contractions laying down in the bed. After about 18 hours of labor my midwife checked me again (I was in the pool) and my water broke. As soon as that happened I got all shaky and scared and I was like “what is going on, something changed, it hurts.” Then my midwives (I had 2) said, “Your babies are coming!” For some reason I totally freaked out and got really scared and they kept telling me to relax, let my body do it’s job, etc.

I don’t remember how long it took but before long I was able to start pushing. I was so loud and screamed during each push, not so much out of pain but fear I think. I am not sure why I was so scared. I think because my labor was so putzy and not very intense I kind of forgot the babies were actually going to come out. We didn’t want to know the sexes of the babies but I was convinced they were 2 boys. I even had 2 matching boy gowns set out for them to wear. After several contractions I finally pushed out the first baby’s head. Then we waited for the next contraction to come before I pushed again, but it took about 5 minutes! It was kind of weird just sitting there seeing the baby’s head in the water with the rest of the body still in me. Contractions finally started up again and I was able to finish pushing the first baby out. She came out with her hand over her head and I ended up with a 2nd degree tear. It was a GIRL! I could not believe it but I was not disappointed like I thought I would be. Her cord was very short so I could not even pull her up to my chest. I had wanted her to get all her cord blood but with twins we couldn’t really wait that long. After her cord was cut I was able to pull her up to my chest and start nursing while we waited for contractions for the next baby.

I figured any minute it would happen, but it took nearly an hour to start up again. Finally they did start up and I handed her over to get ready to start pushing again. I was actually terrified of pushing again, especially since baby number 2 was breech. I forget when, but sometime after she was born I felt the 2nd baby leap and it had turned transverse. The midwives were able to turn him to head down though, so that took away a lot of my fear. When I was pushing the 2nd time, I felt a huge burst and I thought the baby had come flying out of me, but it turned out it was just the water bag breaking. Pushing out the 2nd baby was actually a little easier. As soon as the baby came out my midwife said, “you got your boy!!” I was so happy. He was born 1 hour, 1 minute after his sister. He had a short cord too, so I couldn’t hold him up to my chest right away either. After they cut the cord I was able to hold him and nurse him while we waited for the placentas. He latched on right away! I was so proud of him.

My midwives gave me some homeopathic drops under my tongue to help prevent hemorrhaging since that can be common with twins. After taking some family pictures, my husband and his cousin took the babies while the midwives helped me out of the pool. I remember they got really serious and I said they were going to help me out very quickly and walk across the hall to my bedroom as quickly as possible. They told me to take a deep breath and to focus on a spot on the wall and not to faint. That kind of worried me that they seemed concerned but I was able to get up and quickly across the hall and into bed without fainting. It was such a weird sensation to be up and walking after delivering 15 lbs of babies, plus all the placenta weight, water and blood. As I was getting into bed there was a huge gush of blood and I heard my midwife say to the other one “do you have that pit?” I kind of got scared but was able to stay calm actually and she gave me a shot of pitocin in my thigh. My midwife later told me that since my labor had been so slow and putzy she didn’t want to risk me hemorrhaging while we waited for me to get another contraction. In the end everything turned out great and I was told that she was really surprised how little I bled for a twin birth. I was surprised too, and I really haven’t bled anymore than I did with my first birth.

After I was settled in bed they brought me my babies to nurse. After some time of trying to nurse and snuggle they did the newborn evaluation, right there on my bed. It was so cozy and peaceful, sitting in my own bed with my family watching as my babies got examined. It was sooo different than my first birth, where I delivered in an operating room and they immediately whisked my baby away as I screamed “give me back my baby, I want my baby!” I think that was the best part of having a homebirth. After the exams everyone left my room while I laid in bed with my babies. My midwife cleaned everything up and stayed a few hours out in the living room, then was back the next day to check on us, and again after 3 days. It was such a wonderful, non-intrusive experience and I am so grateful I didn’t have to give birth in a hospital again.

Baby Girl: 6 lbs 10 oz, 19 inches long, born 4:03 pm

Baby Boy: 8 lbs 4 oz, 20 inches long, born 5:04 pm

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