Byron and Miles’ Posterior Twin Homebirths

I wrote this several months after the birth so the details and timeline were a bit foggy for me but I wrote it out as accurately as I could remember!

I decided to take castor oil around 2pm to get things going. I had tried everything else and nothing was working to get things going and I really needed to get them out. I think I was fairly anemic at this point and that is why I was feeling the need to have them out. As much as I really believe that babies should be allowed to come when ready I was 40 weeks and 3 days with twins and could not hang in there much longer.

Contractions started really light around 6pm, but only lasted a couple of hours and stopped. We went for a walk and got things ready in the house. I knew they would be born that night so went ahead and filled up the pool. I went to bed at 11:30pm because nothing was happening. I woke up at 12am with really strong contractions that were just a few minutes apart. I came into the living room to let Eli sleep a bit, but I could not handle it and I wanted to get in the pool. The contractions were so incredibly intense and I was not dealing well with them. I could not focus and I just did not know what to do. Eli woke up the midwife (she was asleep in our son’s room) at 12:20am to help me and lit a couple little candles (which was the only light during the birth). She called her assistant and another midwife that was coming over. She timed the contractions and they were one and a half minutes long and two minutes apart.

Since I was not handling things well in the pool I thought I would get out and see how that was. It was much worse and after getting checked (I was at 6cm I think) I got back in. I was so not in control of myself and was having a hard time with that and then all of a sudden after a contraction I felt fine. I looked at my husband and said I was fine and he said I all of a sudden looked okay. I had been in so much pain even between contractions and had just felt in a different world and then suddenly was back! It was so odd and I felt like I was not even in labor for a few minutes. I had a couple minute break and maybe two contractions later I got the urge to push. I was kind of confused because it was just happening so fast. I was not pushing with the urge because it seemed too soon, I was just letting my body do it’s thing, not pushing but not holding back either. I reached down and felt Byron’s head coming out and it felt really weird and I was shocked it was already crowning. I was kneeling at that point (in the pool) and switched to leaning against the side. My mw asked if I could turn to face the other way because the way I was she could not reach the baby at all and I said no so she took her pants off and jumped in.

I don’t know how many pushes it took to get him out, maybe two or three, not much and was really practically no effort on my part. Byron was born posterior at 1:20am in the caul (water bag intact). My midwife pulled off his bag and I pulled him up onto my chest. He cried right away, but calmed down quickly. I only held him for a few minutes (maybe 10 minutes, not really sure) and the contraction got really strong again and I could not hold him anymore. I passed him to my husband and started pushing.

Miles came down really fast (head down!) and his head came out, but them no more would. His water bag was also still intact so my midwife cut it to help him come out. It felt so good to have his water broken. He was stuck on his shoulders for some reason and was just not coming out. I got on my knees and leaned over the side of the pool and he came out after a few pushes. He was much harder to push out than Byron was. Byron pretty much came out on his own, but I had to work a bit for Miles. Miles was born, also posterior, at 1:35am. I held him on my chest and he cried about 1 minute after his birth and would not stop! His cord was really short and I could not hold him up very close to me. Right as he started crying my mom, sister and two of my best friends walked in. The second midwife and a midwife friend of hers that was visiting had arrived as Byron was coming out, but I hadn’t really noticed.

After I laid there a while with Miles I decided to get out to try to have the placentas come out. I stood up and Miles’ fell out with a big splash! I went over and laid on the futon hoping that the other would come out easily. Someone handed me a baby, not sure which one, and told me he needed to nurse. I had kind of forgotten about nursing them, I had wanted to nurse right away but just did not think about it. I laid down with the baby (I think it was Byron) and nursed him and then nursed the other baby when the first was done. That did nothing for my placenta and it took 2 hours after the birth for it to finally come out. I spent those 2 hours laying with my babies and nursing.

After the placenta came out we decided to weigh the babies and my midwife checked them out a little better. Byron was 7lb 15oz and 20 3/8” and Miles was 8lb 2oz and 20 5/8”. Everyone but the midwife and her assistant left after that and I slept. I woke up six hours after the birth to a big gush and told my midwife that I thought I was bleeding too much. She checked and I was. After such a wonderful, natural, intervention free birth I ended up with two shots of pitocin, an IV and a catheter (I could not pee and it had been eight or more hours since the birth). It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I was pretty out of it so it didn’t bother me much.

After a while we decided to change the sheets and clean up a bit under me so I moved to a chair next to the futon and proceeded to pass out. I woke up laying on the futon and I had had a weird dream while passed out. It was all very confusing. It took me weeks to get to a point that I didn’t feel like I would pass out if I was up much but it gave me lots of time to lay around with my beautiful new babies. My hemoglobin was down to 6.5 and I was so weak and tired, falling asleep mid sentence sometimes. I took Floradix and iron and some other supplements to help with that as well as eating a very iron rich diet and got my iron levels up to normal in a few weeks.

I had a very hard time making the decision to have these babies at home, but I am so incredibly glad that I made the right decision. I was not supported by very many people in this decision and it was so hard. In the end I had such a wonderful birth and brought my babies into this world in such a peaceful and loving setting in our own living room. So much better than the cold, bright operating room that I would have had to deliver in at the hospital.

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