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Birth Stories

On our Facebook group, we recently put together a file with our favorite birth stories online! Here are a few of the highlights for you to enjoy! Christy’s birth story (twins, VBAC, homebirth, nuchal cord, PPH): Olivia’s birth story (surprise twins, VBAC, car birth, cord prolapse): Melissa’s birth […]

Research & Studies

Most of us are interested in Naturally Parenting Twins because we find that there is inherent wisdom in the “natural” way of doing things (however we define that), even as we are thankful for those times that medical intervention is available when warranted. Frequently, our providers, not recognizing how much […]



Tandem Babywearing Tutorials

Awesome tutorial by Tara B. using a Boba in the front and an Ergo on the back. Two babies, two moby wraps.   *****   There is a group for tandem babywearing if you’d like even more personalized ideas: Related Images: