Write for us!

Naturally Parenting Twins is a web site created by a small group of mothers. Most of the articles on the site are written by us, with the exception of birth stories, which were contributed by the mothers and published with minimal editing.

Our basic approaches to common pregnancy, birth, and parenting issues can be found in the guidelines for our Facebook group: http://naturallyparentingtwins.net/wp/?p=265 

If you would like to contribute a personal essay about your experiences in any of those parenting areas, and your essay would be in line with our guidelines, we’d love to have you submit a piece for possible publication. No submissions will be published that SUPPORT cry-it-out, controlled crying, infant circumcision, spanking, or any other form of physical discipline. Please only submit original work for which you are the author.

All submissions will be reviewed by our “Core Admin” team, and if we publish your story, we’ll include your short author bio (to be submitted along with your story), along with a link to your attachment parenting and natural family living blog or business (no links will be made to pages specifically promoting circumcision, formula, spanking, physical discipline, cry-it-out, controlled crying, or any other form of sleep training in which leaving the baby alone to cry is an intentional part of the method).

We reserve the right to make minor edits to your piece. If it requires extensive editing, we will send you back a draft to preview and approve (or not approve) before we publish it.

We cannot publish every piece we receive.

If you are writing a factual or educational piece, please feel free to include your professional or advocacy bio and credentials! Educational pieces do NOT need to be written by parents of twins yourself, although we do prefer if they are written by professionals and parents who support natural approaches to pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Areas in which we especially appreciate contributions:

  • Personal experiences with breastfeeding multiples;
  • Personal experiences with naturally birthing multiples;
  • Personal experiences with medically-necessary cesarean, particularly when the mother was an  informed participant in the decision to perform the cesarean;
  • Personal experiences with healing from birth trauma;
  • Personal experiences with coping with an unexpected and/or unwanted birth outcome;
  • Professional pieces about breastfeeding and childbirth with multiples;
  • Personal experiences about choosing to leave your sons intact;
  • Personal experiences and tips with cloth diapering and cosleeping;
  • Personal experiences with compassionate and responsive nighttime parenting;
  • Personal experiences with attachment parenting after premature birth or TTTS;
  • and many, many more!

If you want to submit a piece, please email your submission, along with a short author bio, to naturallyparentingtwins@gmail.com. Pieces can be pasted directly into the email, or in a Microsoft Word attachment. The less formatting you do on your end (other than paragraphs), the better. Be sure to tell us how you found Naturally Parenting Twins!

We do not pay for submissions, as we do not monetize the site (nor do we have plans to). The mothers who run this site do so on a volunteer basis as a service to the community, as do our writers.

Pictures make every story more interesting, so feel free to submit pictures of you or your family along with your submission. Pictures submitted for use with your story may also be added to our babywearing, breastfeeding, cosleeping, and attachment families galleries.

One final thing: Privacy. If you are submitting a birth story, you may want to change the names of your attendants and providers. If any of your providers is in your picture, make sure you have their consent to send it to us. By submitting a picture to NPT, you agree that you have consent from those in the picture (or their parents) to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you!