Since 2007, we’ve maintained a public discussion and support group for mother-to-mother support for natural family living and attachment parenting with twins. You can find it on Facebook by searching for Naturally Parenting Twins. If you are considering joining, please read through the description and “What Do We Mean By Support” docs before posting! Thanks!

If you are NOT a parent of twins who is interested in natural family living and attachment parenting, you can still connect with us by liking our public page on Facebook! This is a great idea for grandparents, siblings, friends, family, midwives, doctors, lactation consultants, LLL/BFUSA leaders, birth advocates, and more! Feel free to post your questions for us to repost for you, or message us your questions privately for us to repost anonymously!


If you plan to join our parent-to-parent support community on Facebook, please review our guidelines first!┬áHere’s the process for joining: