About NPT

Naturally Parenting Twins has its roots in the Parenting Multiples forum of an online community for natural family living. In 2005, a few fabulous mamas realized that some of the stuff we deal with when planning our twin births and dealing with twin newborns is easier to deal with in a smaller, more private setting, and by 2006, Naturally Parenting Twins existed as a small, invite-only, private discussion forum. In 2007, hoping to help connect other natural-minded twin and triplet mamas to resources to help with natural pregnancy, birth, and parenting of multiples, we started a resource and encouragement web site, and that web site continues today at http://www.naturallyparentingtwins.net !

Now, we welcome submissions of birth stories, personal experiences that support and encourage natural parenting with multiples, and photos for our galleries! Send us a message through our contact form for more information!

Birth stories and personal stories shared here are not meant as medical advice. We honor mothers making their own informed choices, and stories are shared to inspire, encourage, and provoke thought. Each one of us is responsible for our own birth planning, education, and information. NPT assumes no responsibility for any mother’s individual choices, nor does a story appearing on our site construe promotion of the represented choices.